Sign the Charter to make the publication of the Communication on Sustainable Food come true!

In April 2013, the European Commission announced that the Communication entitled "Building a Sustainable European Food System" would be published by the end of 2013 or early 2014. But so far no text has been published.


This Communication is a wake-up call to the European Union to address food waste, but it also look at the whole food system, and the many aspects of sustainable food, that could guide the EU to move forward a coherent European Food Policy and secure the sustainable production and consumption of food in Europe in the coming years.


The Food Sector is one of the major contributors to environmental pressures.

Agriculture and food production and consumption, particularly animal products, have been identified by United Nations agencies as one of the most important drivers of environmental pressures, especially habitat change, climate change, water use and air pollution.


EU elected representatives on the move to make the Communication on Sustainable Food effective

A Group of elected representatives of the citizens of the European Union are mobilised to seek the best policies to protect the health and environment of our citizens during their mandates in the European Parliament. They wish that the Communication on Sustainable Food Systems will be a first step towards tackling the many aspects of sustainable food and developing a truly holistic system, which considers the growing body of evidence pointing to the damage to the environment and human health caused by current food waste, pesticide use and excessive meat consumption.


MEPs involved in this initiative have recently sent a common letter urging the European Commission not to delay the publication of the communication any further.


Sustainable food policies are what people want

Increasingly citizens, scientists, companies, organisations and policy makers are aware that the current food system is not sustainable. That means we will have to change the ways we produce food, (In the EU, food waste has been estimated at some 89 million tonnes, or 180 kg per capita per year), using different production methods respectful of the diversity of ecosystems based on agroecological practices. It means encourage shorter food supply chains and changing our consumption habit towards food.  There is no other choice, if we want to be able to feed sustainably 8 billion people in 2030 with growing food insecurity. 


You can make the publication of the Communication on Sustainable Food come true!

The past years EU citizens and civil society have worked dynamically at grass roots level to implement alternative practices to the current food policy model. Projects promoting improvements to the current food system are growing all around Europe.


To make this community of active citizens clearly visible to the Commission and make the Sustainable Food communication come true Sign up to the Charter and register online to share your actions in favour of reform.


Your participation in this collective uprising can be a strong incentive to bring about the publication of an important piece of work, which would serve to provide European policymakers and legislators with the necessary 'food for thought' needed for European food policy to become genuinely sustainable.