Join the Food Revolution

What is the project about?

The way the food system works is one of the biggest challenges of our times. Food is essential for survival. Those in control of the food supply chain hold considerable power over people’s well-being, health, and life. They determine how to feed the world and future generations. For many decades, this power has been firmly in the hands of a few producers using industrial food production methods.

But as a farmer, fisherman, food professional, organisation or citizen, you want to change this trend. You look for more sustainable, tasty, healthy, quality, seasonal and local food and therefore you want to see the current food system changed because you believe it is neither healthy nor sustainable. You wish to give people more choice over what they eat by finding sustainable ways to produce, distribute and consume food. You want to take back control of the food system and be the master of your own plate because you refuse to allow what you eat to be dictated to you.

The aim of the 'Join the Food Revolution' project is to give you the chance to be part of a political project aimed at changing EU food policy. It provides a space where you can present your projects and ideas to a wider audience, proving that whether through small or big projects, EU citizens can get together to act at grassroots level to counter the food production model imposed by current EU legislation.

This tool will promote your project by sharing your examples of good practice and experiences with a wide range of people all over Europe. Getting people together within this project is also a powerful call to EU decision-makers to place the issue of sustainable and healthy food high on the list of EU priorities.

If you manage or are part of a project that works at promoting improvements to the current food system, we strongly encourage you to put your name forward to be added to the 'Join the Food Revolution' community! Or if you know of a project, individual or organisation working towards improving and reforming the food system, you can invite this person or organisation to take part in the project.

Examples of projects could be:

  • A farmer who is developing a more sustainable method of farming through waste reduction or innovative recycling methods
  • A community-run project encouraging the local community to eat better
  • An individual who has created their own healthy-eating cookbook

The project does not have to be enormous or spectacular. A Food Revolutionary should be someone who works at improving the food system whether at local, national or multinational level. Everyone can be part of the change in the food system! We need you to make it better! Let everyone know what you do to make it happen! Your actions help shape EU food policy for the better!

A direct call to politicians

The Join the Food Revolution Project is part of the Greens/EFA Food Campaign which for many years has been fostering public debate, increasing awareness and strengthening citizens' involvement to shape and improve the food system.

One of the top priorities of the Greens/EFA is to improve European food policy.
As political group in the European Parliament, the Greens/EFA believes personal engagement and participative democracy are key in determining and improving food policies throughout Europe.
Taking part in the 'Join the Food Revolution' project does not oblige you to become a party member and will not make you affiliated with the Greens/EFA group. Your participation in the collective uprising of the 'Join the Food Revolution' community is above all a strong incentive to elected European politicians to bring about the legislative reforms that are needed for European food policy to become genuinely sustainable.

It is time for EU food policy to reflect people's concerns. It is time to increase public pressure on the way our food is produced and push EU legislation towards the changes that are needed.

Join the Food Revolution now! Sign up to the Charter and register online to share your actions in favour of reform of EU food policy!